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Womb Healing

Womb healing is a holistic practice aimed at supporting and restoring the health and well-being of the womb and reproductive system. It is based on the belief that the womb holds emotional, energetic, and spiritual imprints that can affect a person's physical and emotional health.

Everything you need to know about womb healing session


In Tantra, different parts of the body are energetically ‘charged.’ The womb space is the yin/negative/ receptive pole of the female body. For men, the lingam (penis) is the yang/ active/positive pole in the male body. You can intuitively perceive this by thinking about how the lingam penetrates itself out into the world, whereas the yoni is internal and receives. Our Yonis are therefore highly receptive spaces. They can absorb and store experiences, especially those related to our femininity and sexuality

imagine a place in your body that stored every ex-lover, love-making, disapproving talk from your parents, flippant comment about your attractiveness, or sexual injury.


Painful experiences in our lives such as childbirth, illness, and injury in this sensitive space can cause a serration between our mind and our yonis and our ability to connect to this sacred space within us.


Each session is your own healing ceremony devoted to you and your sacred womb space. It is guided intuitively depending on your needs but the focus is always on bringing awareness and connection to your womb and supporting you to connect with your divine feminine essence

You will be held in a nurturing and compassionate space so you can truly surrender to the experience. We will open the sacred space with a heart-opening meditation, I will guide you through a gentle yet powerful healing journey through ritual, energy work, sound, womb blessing, meditation, and channeled light language transmissions. I will call upon the spirit to assist in the healing process and open myself up as a channel for healing energies to flow to ignite clearing and activation. Most importantly the intention is to allow you to connect with the voice of your womb.


  •  This offering is for women

  •  If you do not have a physical womb, you can still connect to the spiritual womb in the same way and this can be an intention in itself

  •  Are you experiencing fertility issues? Are you trying to conceive? Would you like to tune into the spiritual aspect of conception and call in your spirit baby as well as go deep into healing your womb space to prepare?

  •  Would you like to work with your womb to prepare for pregnancy or birth? Are you feeling called to cleanse and release old energies and wounds to prepare for your child to come?

  •  Do you have physical manifestations in your womb such as endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, or ovarian cysts?

  •  Is your menstrual cycle out of balance or painful? Do you suffer from intense cycles emotionally, physically, or mentally?

  •   Have you had a hysterectomy? Would you like to connect to your energetic womb space?

  •  Do you feel disconnected from your womb, sexuality, or body?

  •  Have you had a miscarriage or experienced baby loss?

  •  Do you want to cultivate a deeper connection to your womb?

  • Do you want to awaken your divine feminine energy? 


2 HOURS $150

LOCATION: In-person or online 

- 1 x detailed consultation form to be completed prior to your session

-1 x 2-hour in-person or online womb healing session which will flow uniquely for you and your needs. It will include a fusion of healing modalities including energy healing, ritual, sound healing

- Aftercare advice will be given via email post-session to give you tools and guidance on how to support yourself and your womb energetically, spiritually, and physically


Take some time to journal what you feel could be stored or held in this space, and what it is you want to release. Ask yourself, what do I feel is stored here? Is there numbness? Pain? Pleasure? Notice what your womb tells you. 

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